Liverpool Wake Park Day Pass Box Set



Product Description

The perfect gift for your friends and family.

The gift comes parcelled up in a nice custom Industry Wake Parks box. Inside the box you get the following:

– A Voucher for a Day Pass at Liverpool Wake Park (worth £50)
– Teeshirt (worth over £20) *
– Stickers
– Landyard

The voucher can be re-deemed anytime within 12 months. The voucher is for a day pass at Liverpool Wake Park. A day pass means you get to pre book 3 sessions at the wake park. During each session you get full one on one coaching from our qualified instructors. The day pass is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Before you can buy a day pass, you should have already had a beginner lesson or have past wakeboard experience.

Please note that a day pass does not include hire kit.

This is a great Christmas or Birthday present for anyone over the age of 6. We have regular riders aged between 6 and 70!

The voucher can be re-deemed at our very own wake park: Industry.1, Liverpool Wake Park. Check out the website here:

The way it works is super simple. You buy the box set now, we post it to you. You give it to your friend or family as a gift, etc. They then call us up and use the code on the voucher to book in their sessions.

Postage is free with this item.

*Tee Shirt, will be one from our stock and it might not be as shown in the photo.


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