£50 Shop Voucher


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£50 Shop Voucher for Liverpool Wake Park

The voucher can be re-deemed anytime within 12 months. The voucher is for £50 and can be spent on anything we sell in our watersports shop. This includes wakeboards, wetsuits, helmets, crash jackets, accessories and much more.

This is a great Christmas or Birthday present for anyone who loves the sport of wakeboarding!

The way it works is super simple. You buy the voucher here, we post it to you. You give it to your friend or family as a gift, etc. They then call into our shop and can spend the voucher amount on any items we sell.

10% Discount Bonus
A nice little bonus, is that when the voucher is re-deemed, you can have 10% discount off any items we stock in the shop (excluding items in a sale).

Postage is free with this item.


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