Mystic Quick Dry Towel & Progression Sessions Voucher


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Progression Sessions Voucher at Liverpool Wake Park

In this package you get the following:
– Progression sessions Voucher
– Mystic Quick Dry Towel
– Mystic Keychain
– Mystic Paper bag
– Mystic & Liverpool Wake Park Stickers

Our incredible Progression Sessions course is the easy and affordable way to progress at wakeboarding. Once you have had your beginner lesson, learnt to ride and come off the water with a massive smile on your face we guarantee you will want more! The next step for a budding wakeboarder is to learn good heelside and toeside carving, corners, surface tricks, ollies and then start hitting the obstacles. Our Progression Sessions are guaranteed to improve your riding and you will soon be addicted to this awesome sport!

The System 2.0 cable tows are a great way to improve at wakeboarding and learn new tricks. The sport has a very fast progression ladder, meaning you can easily learn new tricks in rapid time. When you fall in, we pick you straight back up to try the trick again, all of our instructors are fully qualified and extremely well trained. They will give you one on one coaching in all of your sessions and they love nothing more than teaching people new tricks.

Our Progression Sessions save you loads of money and allow you to get involved in this fun sport. The Progression Sessions are available to anyone over the age of 6.

This is a great Christmas or Birthday present for anyone over the age of 6. We have regular riders aged between 6 and 70!

The way it works is super simple. You buy the voucher here, we post it to you. You give it to your friend or family as a gift, etc. They then call us up and use the code on the voucher to book in their sessions.

The voucher can be re-deemed at our very own wake park: Industry.1, Liverpool Wake Park. Check out the website here:

Postage is free with this item.

Mystic Quick Dry Towel:


Mystic Key Chain:



Mystic Paper Bag:


Liverpool Wake Park Progression sessions:


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