Mystic Towel & Day Pass


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Mystic Towel & Day Pass

In this package you get the following:
– Day Pass
– Mystic Quick Dry Towel
– Mystic Keychain
– Mystic Paper Bag
– Mystic & Liverpool Wake Park Stickers

The voucher can be re-deemed anytime within 12 months. The voucher is for a day pass at Liverpool Wake Park. A day pass means you get to pre book 3 sessions at the wake park. During each session you get full one on one coaching from our qualified instructors. The day pass is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Before you can buy a day pass, you should have already had a beginner lesson or have past wakeboard experience.

The System 2.0 cable tows are a great way to improve at wakeboarding and learn new tricks. The sport has a very fast progression ladder, meaning you can easily learn new tricks in rapid time. When you fall in, we pick you straight back up to try the trick again, all of our instructors are fully qualified and extremely well trained. They will give you one on one coaching in all of your sessions and they love nothing more than teaching people new tricks.

Mystic Quick dry Towel:Mystic-quick-dry-towel-fishbone


Mystic Key Chain:


Mystic Paper Bag: 

Day Pass:



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