2018 Follow BP Pro Impact Jacket Wakeboard Vest Brown

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The new and updated BP is Brenton Priestly’s Pro Model for 2018, and is packed with new features such as Follow’s own Duraprene. This neoprene differs from other, as it’s made in te most robust possible way, ensuring you get a vest that will last you for endless sessions!


  • Single Closure
  • Pro Fit: This cut is for all you fit guys out there. The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body and not up around your ears in the water.
  • Duraprene Neoprene: Duraprene neoprene, it’s Priestly proof! Tough as nails but still soft and stretchy on the inside.
  • Front Zip 
  • BP Signature Vest

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