Mystic Diva 5/3mm Back Zip Womens Full Wetsuit Teal Black Coral

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Last years Mystic Diva flew off the shelf leaving the greatly anticipated 2017 Diva in Teal Lime to deliver ground breaking tech to keep in warmth and battle the winter season! Featuring stretch taping, 100% M-Flex 2.0, ultra lightweight foam and Aquaflush with a reinforced chest panel for extra insulation, the Diva is a super soft and flexible, super lightweight and most importantly a super warm, tech filled 5/3 winter wetsuit ready to keep you from the cold!

The 2017 Winter season brings forth new technology from Mystic featuring an all new M-Flex 2.0 which offers a super stretchy and remarkably soft neoprene. With more flexibility this wetsuit provides a better fit and a superior seal over your body; keeping the hot water in and the cold water out. Being a back zip entry, getting the Diva on and off is much easier than modern front zip entry wetsuits and with Mystics overhead backup and PK coated zip, the back zip keeps just as an effective seal as a front zip.

Quality wetsuits are not to be thought of lightly during the colder seasons, take it from us. Having a quality wetsuit could be the difference between enjoying the sport you part in or not and could also involve you health to certain standards. If you need a seriously quality wetsuit to last you through the seasons for wakeboarding at the cable or for kitesurfing then we can’t recommend the Diva enough. Keep everything toasty warm this winter in the Diva.

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