O’neill Slasher Wakeboard Comp Vest Navy Blue Indigo patch

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Product Description

The O’Neill 2018 Comp Vest lineup defies convention and sets a new industry standard for performance driven impact vests. The lightest and best vests in the water just got lighter, stronger and dry faster than ever, no more wet boardbags! Nytrolite Foam Technology is a Low Density Polyethylene which is expanded using Nitrogen in an exclusive process which cannot be duplicated. 3x lighter than PVC foam, closed cell foam structure that absorbs 15-20% less water,and approximately 10% more buoyant than PVC meaning O’Neill can use less foam in each vest and it will still float the same.

  • 100% UltraFlex DS
  • Front Zip
  • Reversible
  • #10 YKK Zipper with Safety Tab
  • Nytrolite Foam
  • Segmented Foam Core
  • Anatomical Flex Points
  • Strategic Armhole Fit

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Oneill women sizing



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